There really is something wrong with Esther

3 Nov

Last week I watched a DVD of the movie, The Orphan.  Although I found it slow sometimes, there were scenes that jolted me like when she screamed at her classmates in school when they tried to take away her neck ribbon, when she played flawless Tchaikovsky after saying she could not play the piano, when she bludgeoned the nun, when she broke HER OWN ARM to spite her adoptive mother, when she lit the tree house on fire with her step brother in it etc.  The most memorable was when Esther broke into this same tortured brother’s room to question him about something he might have seen.  She held a knife to his throat and said, “If I find out you’re lying, I will cut your hairless little prick off before you even figure out what it’s for, do you understand me?”  Whoa.orphanposter


One Response to “There really is something wrong with Esther”

  1. BBB November 4, 2009 at 3:26 am #

    Creepy…hate horror movies

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