Life in these United States.

21 Jul

I have not been blogging – not because things have been hectic – but because I have been busy processing this change in my life.

I am still processing…

Anyhue – yesterday, after I picked up my RX from my pharmacy, Turtle and I went to get chinese takeout from a buffet place, then we stopped by the Liquor store so I could get a 12-pack of Yingi. I exchanged banter with the guys and girls in the store and we drove home.  When we got home, I told Turtle how nice it was that my Pharmacist knew me by name and the guys at the Wine and Liquor store also knew me as a regular.

He said, “so you mean your drug and alcohol people know you.”

“No, that’s not what I am saying, I am just saying it is nice to be in a neighborhood where you have your regulars.  Don’t make me sound like a junkie.”

“I said drug and alcohol people.”

“If the FBI was taping this it could be interpreted to mean drug and alcohol dealers.”

“Not the same.”


So on my way to work this morning, I came across a sign in a corner of an intersection that advertised ‘Pain Management.’ The sign had a phone number and said it accepted most insurance with a $75 office visit.  It reminded me of what Turtle said yesterday.  There really is very little difference between illegal drug deals and legal drug dealers.  They both can stand at a corner and advertise their products but one accepts insurance and the other accepts cash only.  Technically, my pharmacist is my dealer, so is the liquor store clerk. Who is to say that those who seek ‘Pain Management’ are not seeking to score some narcotics for recreational use?

The irony of life in these United States.


One Response to “Life in these United States.”

  1. BBB July 22, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    actually most are
    some peoples poison of choice are actually pain meds gotten with prescription

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