The New York Giants’ Talisman

9 Nov

Sundays can be nerve wracking for me because it my last day to complete chores. Usually, I juggle laundry, cook two to three dishes for the week, clip coupons, help technologically challenged Turtle with school projects and pretend to be interested in the football game of the day.

Some Sundays I sneak in an afternoon ativan with a beer. Yes, I admit to mixing anti -anxiety meds with alcohol. It gets me through.

Any hue, last Sunday, I got myself ready for an early night due to the double insomnia whammy I had been dealing with lately.  I showered, got in bed at 8:30, took my pain pills, popped another ativan, and flipped through channels looking for the best white noise to help me fall asleep.

Suddenly Turtle burst into the bedroom, rushed into the closet and came over to me.

“Quick, put this on!” He said shoving his Giants jersey in my face.

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t have much time!” He said frantically.

I put the jersey on as he dashed back out. Lately he has this silly idea that whenever the Giants are losing by a touchdown and they had a few minutes left in the game, if I wore a Giants jersey, they would win.  This worked a month ago, with the team scoring a TD in the last seconds. I felt it was a coincidence and an isolated desperate attempt by a die-hard fan to help his team out.

Unfortunately for me, the Giants won. Again. I think I have been sentenced to a lifetime of Giants jerseys.

On another note…I have been registering for gifts and with each, “add item” click, I feel sick to my stomach.  The costs of these gifts are quite out there. I wanted gifts in the $50 range but soon-to-be-in-law feels $100 and above is appropriate. No hard feelings because they are one big gift giving family.  You should see what Christmas is like at their house.

I feel so privileged and blessed for what I have that I am uncomfortable with my selections. We can do without those. Cash on the other hand is what I prefer. That way we can apply money to whatever we need, house, baby, etc. When I think of gifts, I am very old school – naija style

Future MIL is not having that. And this is one thing I am not interested in arguing about.

So now I am agonizing over fine dining china, stemware and silverware, comforter sets, wine and buffet table, at least two dozen bath towels, complete cookware, gadgets out the wazoo….


This should be fun, I know, but there years ago, I was unemployed and sleeping on a friend’s couch. I am still humbled by that experience. Maybe with time, I will get around to seeing this as the blessing.

UPDATE:  Last night Turtle and I had a major tiff again.  It is actually quite silly if you think about it. After watching Captain America last night, I started asking questions about the differences between DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Then the conversation got down to who was bigger, Superman or Wolverine.  I said worldwide, Superman was the big dog.  His character is more popular than Wolverine although box office receipts have not been very positive recently.  He said Wolverine was more popular because Hugh Jackman brought the character to life.

We were both talking Apples and Oranges here people but the argument got heated. Then it got ugly. We slept in separate rooms. I think these tiffs occur because:

a)     He thinks I am smarter and gets resentful when I argue about something he actually knows a lot about and won’t agree that he is right

b)     I am a horrible listener

c)     We are bored

Strangely I am not even mad any more.


4 Responses to “The New York Giants’ Talisman”

  1. EDJ (@egodujour) November 9, 2011 at 12:50 pm #

    LOL. Its funny how “small” things become big arguments. Sha, I’m sure he’ll get over it since he will probably need you to wear a Giants jersey this Sun when they play again.

    As far as your wedding registry, I think its okay to just ignore your in-laws and put what you really want on there instead of what they think you should have. Its going to be YOUR stuff in the end. Maybe add gift cards to the stores you know you shop at? I think one way to get out of this is to make it a “cultural” thing. Maybe tell your future mom-in-law that in Nigeria giving money to the new family is basically a requirement not a “preference”. I mean she can’t argue with “tradition” right? Lol

  2. taynement November 9, 2011 at 8:45 pm #

    Well, I heard you can return gifts and get credit so you can actually get what you want – so there’s an option for you.

    I’m with you Superman is more widely known.

  3. Neefemi November 10, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    I’m a big Giants fan so please continue to wear Jersey’s.

    O about the fights. I feel like i hear that a lot when people are about to get married, my uncle told me he and his wife actually fought on their wedding night. You guys love each other so all will be well. I will say, if you don’t mind that you should try to no matter what happens never go to bed mad with each other and even when its that bad, don’t sleep in separate beds. That’s what i’ve heard/read people in successful relationships say. (don’t kill me) Bye

  4. Dosh November 11, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    lol, you guys slept in different rooms over that? hilarious!

    Looking back at hard times can be humbling but it is always a blessing because it makes you stronger and givesyou the grace to thank God for where He has brought you. i’m very happy for you, God bless you.

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