Hipsters Give Other Hipsters a Bad Name

12 Dec

I’ve heard the term “hipster” thrown around randomly and never bothered to figure out its meaning.  Then last week, I googled it.  Damn.  The mainsteamers just had to go there.

See, by description, I have been a “hipster” all my life.  When other people called me odd, I just thought I was unique.  When all my friends and some family call me crazy…well, I have nothing for that but the thing is, I really have an aversion to MOST mainstream activities.  Not all, just the over-done, droney, tiring march toward that retirement community in Boca.  I JUST hate ORDINARY things!!!!


Am I defending hipsters?  Just a little.  But then it is their fault for standing out too much.  See, the real way to be a hipster is to actually seem like you are not trying to be a hipster, capisce?   When I cut my hair and grew a ‘fro, I did not go around telling people that I was tired of the Eurocentric standard of beauty.  I just told people, I wanted a change.  And to save money.

So, enough with the dark rimmed glasses and the obsession with recycling.  Enough with fashion whatever and mixing and matching and trying to look like you don’t care.  You care.  That’s why you are doing all this shit and giving the rest of us a bad name.  Besides, most of you guys have trust funds.

Real hipsters like me:

  • Meditate and exercise
  • Believe in God but question His/Her way of letting the world go to shit
  • Have plenty of issues and are not afraid to talk about it
  • Actually eat vegetables because they taste great – no social consciousness bullshit
  • Will recycle is there is a recycle bin.  If not, fuck it.
  • Have lived in the strange neighborhoods and freaking could not wait to get out
  • Shops at WalMart in pyjama bottoms and a trucker hat because I am probably still hung over from the night before and want to get my shopping done so I can crash for the day.  And my rimmed glasses ARE real for fuck’s sake!  I am nearsighted!  Really!
  • Will drink any beer not only Pabst
  • Have always shopped at Goodwill because I am cheap
  • Will always read books by obscure authors because frankly, sometimes I finish a chapter before I figure out who the fuck I am reading
  • Shaves only in the summer when I actually have to wear a swim suit
  • Have always hated Republicans
  • Always loved alternative rock music from the 90s.  Check out my CD collection…you ever heard of the band Trapt?  I thought so…
  • Have always hated being labeled
  • Have always been uncool in high school hence our dysfunctional adult life – yeah …. high school never ended – where do you think all this angst is coming from?
  • Knows that cars are bad for the environment but so are cows and I ain’t giving up either

Yes, I constantly fight an upstream battle with Turtle who is the most normal average human being I have been fortunate to meet.  He loves to have Christmas decorations and I don’t.  He loves to carve pumpkins and I don’t.  He loves to someday get a dog that looks like Lassie and I want a mutt of indistinguishable pedigree.  I don’t want what others have.  It’s boring.  It’s been done. And I hate this new “hipster” generation coming in and spoiling things for us normal people who happen to think a little differently.  Now we have been pigeon-holed with this label that is frankly annoying.

Like everything else, this fad will fade.  And I will be crazy once again, not a frigging “hipster.”


Okay… I spent a few hours ranting and raving to a good buddy of mine who happens to be a librarian – hence totally credible – and she assured me that I was in no way shape or form a Hipster. At least the superficial type. I was disqualified from hipsterdoom because I like to shower and only have a couple of skinny jeans and I don’t wear American Eagle t-shirts. And I don’t think I am cooler than everybody else. She said I was more eccentric which was is totally more original than being a Hipster. So all is well again.



Forgive my rant about hipsters … I was in a weird place.  I feel better now.


4 Responses to “Hipsters Give Other Hipsters a Bad Name”

  1. Myne Whitman December 12, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    I’ve heard of hipsters but thought it meant all these vintage wearing, eco-friendly younguns’ Oh well, we live and learn. 🙂

    I don’t consider myself a hipster by any means but sometimes doing what has been done can be so boring. When people say, we’re all the same, just do it the same way, I politely tell them I’m different. Yeah, that high school angst is still there, lol…

  2. Adiya December 13, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    LOL! I thought hipsters were simply tree huggers. Mmmmh. But why are you bothered anyway? Colorful people make the world that much more interesting 😀

    Muse Origins
    Muse Origins FB

  3. Catherine December 14, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

    Eye roll at these new kids who like to go over the top with EVERYTHING!!!!!! Argh!

  4. EDJ December 17, 2011 at 11:35 am #

    I too was like Myne and thought hipsters were vintage wearing, eco-friendly, thrift store shopping Apple fanboys/girls?

    I know I am not a hipster in any sense of the word. I may have hipster tendencies, but def not a hipster! lol

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