Nesting and Resting

15 Aug

The afternoon before my parents left to go back home, I took them to Regal Nails in WalMart and treated them to a deluxe pedicure.  You guys should have seen the looks on their faces – pure bliss.

To start with, anyone from Nigeria spots raven’s claws.  For some reason we have no decent nail specialists.  It took an hour to scrap all the gunk from their feet.  I tipped the poor nail people 25 percent.  They earned it.  And my parents would keep looking at their feet and admiring the talent of Vietnamese nail specialists.

All I am left with are memories.  Like this one:

I swear, it took Turtle and I almost an hour to get those two into the pool.  Who knew that between the two of them we had four people drown in the family?  My father lost two male siblings in a boating accident ten years before he was born.  My mother lost a male and one female sibling in another river accident.  She herself almost drowned in River Niger.   Now I understand why she stands safely aware from the water whenever we went to the beach as children. She would hover and scream at us to get away from the waves.  One reason we never learned how to swim as kids.  We also never learned to ride bikes (I am sure she has a cousin who got killed on a bike), or we never had live plants (something to do with snakes in the house) or we never got cats as pets (something to do with demons) or we never ….oh you get the gist.  She was one nervous Nelly.   She still is one nervous Nelly…


While in upstate New York, we visited Niagara Falls.  We bullied them into getting on the Maid of the Mist.  Half-way through the falls,  she asked me as she clung to the side rails of the boat, “when is this thing turning back?”  Oh well, at least they got on the boat.

Well, the house is quiet.  Everything is back to normal.  We are beginning to nest, starting with new carpets.  Weekly trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Using our new gifts like they were going out of style.  We just got over our infatuation with our new deep fryer.  The first week, we deep fried EVERYTHING.  Totally unhealthy.  Now we are obsessed with getting the perfect knife set.  We have returned three sets so far.  The last one failed the vegetable test. Such picky foodies we have become.

Football season is upon us. And I already have a headache. Why can’t football season be like the Olympics – every four years?  Give us women a chance to De-stress from competitive sports.

On a final note, I hardly make political pleas or anything but for the sake of my sanity for the next four years, please vote Obama.  The alternative is a guy who thinks corporations are people and his VP pick who is a devout believer of social Darwinism.

Also -he loves babies.

Visit and make a frigging donation.  The other dude is out-raising this guy.


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