Politics. Crazier than “Real Housewives.”

26 Oct

Disclaimer One: This is my personal blog and I can write whatever I damn please.

Disclaimer Two: The opinion in this post is painfully mine.  And since I have an asshole, I am entitled to one.

Disclaimer Three: If you are a Republican, move along now. Thank you.

I had a nightmare last night.  It was a long complicated story in which I had two sons.  I think the second was adopted but the whole thing played out in black and white so I can’t be too sure.  The story line started out simple enough and then got bizarre.  Anyway, long story short:  Obama lost the election and my first son who just turned 18 got turned away at the polling station.  I went bat-shit crazy about the unfairness of it all before the dream got strange.

I will only focus on the fact that the nightmarish part of my whole dream was that Obama lost the election and my son got turned away at the polling station.  The two seemed to be so interconnected.  When I woke up feeling horribly nauseated at four years of Mitt Romney,  I decided I was done reading or watching anything politics at least until a day or two before election day.

In all honesty, the real reason I dislike Mitt is that he is a Republican.  If he switched parties and became Libertarian he would not be as scary.  But everything that comes out of his mouth sounds so Plutocrat it is downright un-American.  Most Americans do not dislike rich people.  Everyone actually aspires to move up the social chain given equal opportunities, some hard work and a bit of luck.  Turns out becoming Mitt Romney has nothing to do with any of the above.  Those of us in the working and middle class have been living in fantasy-land about what it takes to become upwardly mobile.  He represents everything wrong with the system – as in politicians pissing on our backs and telling us it is raining.

Yup. Republicans scare me.  They should scare you too.  They believe in small government except when it comes to reproductive rights.  Yeah.  Pick a side.  They believe in perpetual tax cuts as if the government can run on air.  They want the government to get out of health care.  That is hilarious.  If the government got out of health care, Medicare and Medicaid would cease to exist and the average American life span would plummet to 50.  If you don’t believe me, spend a day with a medical billing specialist.  Ask who pays out most health benefits   It ain’t you or me.  It ain’t the insurance companies.  It is Medicare and Medicaid.  Then spend a day in the Emergency Room and eavesdrop during registration.  The number of people without insurance will scare the bejezzus out of you.  And when billing time comes, where do you think the hospital will go to re-coup the cost of these people without insurance?  Yeah, you got it.  Medicaid.  So creating a market where John and Jane Smith can buy insurance thereby expanding the pool and requiring everyone to get insurance so I don’t end up coughing up more taxes to pay for those that can’t just makes sense to me.  Socialized medicine.  It is about time we got around to thinking that life or death should not be determined by whether or not you can afford to get your care.  This is the United States of America, not friggin’ Afghanistan.

-Source: me working ten years in health care.

Most Republicans are blatantly racist.  The most scary part?  They don’t even know they are racist.  Call them out on some of the strangest things they do and then hear them tell you not to play the “race card.”  They don’t understand that in order to be considered racist, all you have to do is display an unhealthy fear of the “other” i.e. Gays, Hispanics, Black and Brown people in general, anyone that wears a head scarf or gear, democrats, anyone from other parties that no one really gives a shit about, Christians who are not that crazy about going to church, gays, lesbians, republican blacks, republican browns, republican gays  …

If you are not a white, upper middle class, fundamentalist Christian male/female (a gross generalization, I know), you are shit out of luck with this group.

Republicans are single-handedly becoming responsible for creating the American political freak show landscape where phone calls to minority neighborhoods designed to disenfranchise the voters is now considered a tactic.  Employers are threatening employees that vote for Obama, Republican super PACS have more money than you can imagine.  And money means power.  Things have gotten so bad that we now need Fact Checkers for both sides.  And guess which side gets called out for not getting things right.

This post just got too long … and all because of one weird dream.  It is sad.  The world is watching us running around trying to catch our tail.  No one will stop us because it is amusing.  Even to us.  We all claim to hate politics and politicians yet foster the same system that tolerates the party that only Pakistanis seem to favor.  So, I hope I can avoid anything political for the next week while I work on getting my sanity back.


2 Responses to “Politics. Crazier than “Real Housewives.””

  1. Myne Whitman November 5, 2012 at 9:39 pm #

    American politics? I was crying along with that little girl. I am so done, can’t wait for tomorrow. BTW, congrats on the new job.

  2. Ginger February 17, 2013 at 4:49 am #

    Howcme I’m just reading this? lol! I hate having dreams related to real life situations..It makesme panicky.
    Anyway, all is well that ends well, Yay!!!

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