Year in Review: Shit I Learned

19 Dec


  1.  If you spend more than 10 minutes looking at your wardrobe and still finding nothing to wear, you need new clothes
  2. Don’t  be a people pleaser … unless that is what you are being paid to do.  Even prostitutes don’t work for free.
  3. If no one unfriended you last election cycle, then you are one of the few without a Facebook account.
  4. Buying a new pair of shoes is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than taking a Xanax.
  5. Parents/Parents-in-law are awesome.  They also annoy the heck out of you.
  6. Ke$has was right.  We are who we are.
  7. What does not kill makes you stronger and messes with your your psyche big time.
  8. Say what you mean, mean what you say.  When you always tell the truth, the only lies you need to keep up are the ones that matter.
  9. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS YOUR WEDDING DAY BEING ALL ABOUT YOU.  That is some fairy tale bullshit that makes ordinary women become bridezillas.
  10. DSW can be your best friend.  Let it.
  11. Life is hard.  It is meant to be.  Stop worrying and start solving.
  12. Your co-workers should know enough about you to conclude you are (a) not an axe murder and (b) not an alien.
  13. If you sincerely work hard to be a better person, that is good enough for you.
  14. It is amazing how much shit you can get done if you put your mind to it.
  15. Be glad not to have your spouse on Facebook.
  16. Be yourself.  You probably won’t have a plethora of “friends” but the few that you have will take a grenade for you.  Maybe




One Response to “Year in Review: Shit I Learned”

  1. Ginger December 19, 2012 at 9:11 pm #

    #1- now you’ve given me a reason to shop more 🙂
    #2-yes o. Radio WIITFM is awesome
    #3- Nobody unfriended me but I certainly hid some annoying feeds. lol
    #8, 13, 14-Gbam. Gbam. Gbam
    lol@#12 -remember going for drinks with workmates after being together 4months and one asks ‘I don’t know anything about you except ur name?’.
    was shocked but glad he spoke up. we re all great friends now.

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